In August of 2015, I lost my childhood cat of 14 years. At a few weeks old, Beavis and his brother were found huddled up behind a tire of my father’s truck during a fall storm. Beavis was special to Gabbie and her family. Every day, and every night, Beavis would walk to the pasture to bring the horses in, or to let them out. He also supervised all barn related activities and protected his property very well.

Beavis’ passing came suddenly, and as a shock to the family. I especially struggled to cope with the loss. She felt his presence everywhere, and somehow, whenever she was the most down and blue, she was visited by a cat (both pet and stray).

I knew I wanted another cat, but was unsure of when the time would be right. My family and I decided that having a feline friend would make for a great companion and stress relief upon starting graduate school. So the search began.

I felt strongly about adopting an older cat instead of a kitten. Kittens require a lot of work, and time to play. Older cats, although may already have their own habits, do not require as much attention that a kitten needs. I also felt that it would be amazing to give an older cat, another chance at having a good life and a true forever home.

The search began! I was OBSESSED with finding a cat. To be honest, if I could, I would have adopted them all! I searched whatever shelters I could find online in the areas of where I would be moving to, and back home.

On July 18th 2016, I went to PetCo to price around for cat supplies. In the store, I also spoke to a Maui Humane Society volunteer who told me about the prices to adopt, and the discounted $5 Fridays for cats 6months and older, and pick your price sundays for all senior pets. Boy was I tempted! Of course, I then ended up purchasing a cat bowl for a cat that I did not even have! Or so I thought. That afternoon, my dad and I decided to check out the Maui Humane Society to see what they had. We had no intentions to buy anything at that time.

Upon entering the cat enclosure, I immediately saw all of the kittens. All of which were super adorable, playful, and I wanted them all! I then visited the adult cats. Most were sleeping since it was a very hot summer day. And again, I wanted to take them all home. I also noticed an empty cage for a cat named Callie. I was kind of bummed since I recalled seeing a calico of that name on the website for another shelter. I was also glad in a way, because I assumed that meant that she must have been recently adopted that day. After two hours, I noticed that the cat was back in her cage! I got excited. I asked an employee about the cats her age, and which would prefer to live alone. They recommended Callie and another beautiful black cat named Midnight. They said that Callie is sweet and loving, but they preferred Midnight who is more loving. In true Gabbie fashion, I ignored their recommendation and  asked to carry and spend time with Callie. Callie was initially very cautious, but I would be too. A new room I’ve never been in, with people I don’t know, and toys from other cats I don’t like?! Freaky! (I’m sure that’s what she thought!) ][nnyskj <- Callie wanted to say a few words (she climbed onto the laptop and began “typing”) Callie bonded with me, and even more so, my dad very quickly. When it was time to leave, I knew that she was the one.

I asked a volunteer for adoption papers, and they seemed surprised. Without hesitation, I snatched the forms and filled them out. At the office, the front desk attendant was also shocked. Not sure if it was the fact that I was actually adopting a cat, or the fact that it was Callie. Regardless, I was pushing forward with the adoption. The attendant also had me spin a prize wheel which my dad and I noticed upon entering. It included various percentages off an adoption fee, or a free toy. My dad jokingly moved the wheel to land at 75% off. When it was my actual turn, I spun, and it said “FREE”. I was so confused. It was so vague! Comes to find out, the adoption was FREE!!! I was so stoked, I cried. I also made sure to leave a $5 donation. If I hadn’t gotten Callie that day, I would have likely gotten her that Friday for the $5 anyways.

And so our life began 🙂


Here is a post of Callie I found on the Maui Humane Society’s Facebook page. I’m not sure why they said she was adopted (or it was published) on July 1st when I got her on the 18th.

Callie & Gabbie