Gabbie Goes Fishing

When you live in Hawai’i like I do, the stereotype of “you must go to the beach every day” hovers like a cloud over you. People will be surprised to know that not everyone goes to the beach. We have jobs, we go to school, etc., so we may not always have the time. On top of that, some of us don’t live very close to the ocean. I for example live on the slope of Haleakala (a mountain). So going to the beach is very rare for me.

To the surprise of many, I also don’t surf, and just started fishing over my winter break in 2015/2016. I LOVE fishing! It’s a beautiful and memorable experience. The scenery is breathtaking and the water is so clear and blue.

I decided to give it a go since my boyfriend is an avid spear fisherman, and my cousin and uncle have been fishing for years. Plus, I figured, when in Hawai’i, do as the Hawaiians did. I immediately had a blast. I must admit though, my patience was definitely tested. Sometimes, you wait around hoping for something to bite, or you feel little nibbles and nothing is there. The fight is always a thrill for me because you never know what you’re gonna get. Lesson learned, I need to go to the gym more because even reeling in the little fish was A LOT of work!

Unfortunately during this trip, I didn’t have any fish to take home. On a rainy and windy day like it was, it was more of a disappointment to not take anything home. I did catch more than I thought I would, that is for sure, but I returned them all to the ocean because “Let ’em go, let ’em grow!”

I am definitely looking forward to my next trip. Heck, my pole is even rigged and ready to go!

Catch ya later!



Dedicated to Joel Piller

After checking out the Season’s Best Craft Fair, I headed to Safeway to stock up on Govinda’s Fresh Juice and ingredients to make Portuguese Bean Soup. Upon exiting the store, I noticed a man sitting on a bench doodling away. At the time, he was working on a lotus mandala-esque type piece that was absolutely breathtaking. I commented on how beautiful his piece was and he immediately thanked me, and said he wanted to share a sample of his work with me. I was thrilled! He said he doesn’t charge people for his work, but kindly accepts donations. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any cash on me, so I thought of the next best thing. I asked “What would you like to eat?” He said “Oh anything really. I don’t like people going out of their way.” I insisted. He then suggested a piece of fried chicken or some apples. I went back into the store.

At that time, Safeway’s deli had closed. All the fried chicken and even soup was gone. I grabbed some honey crisp apples, a liter of water, a club sandwich, and a small bag of chips. It was the least I could do. I wasn’t sure when the last time he ate was, and I feel that everyone should at least have something to eat.

I returned to the gentleman and he was working on signing another piece. He said “here! I want to share another one with you!” He shared his story of how he began doodling on his books and papers in middle school. He faced some unfortunate events throughout his life, but art had remained his passion. He said he is usually in Waikiki, near the entrance of the International Marketplace. Unfortunately, he was also recently robbed there.

Joel Piller, the artist who also happens to be homeless, touched my heart and spoke to my soul. Homelessness is widespread in Hawai’i and is constantly in our face. Yet, the way in which our officials attempt to mediate the problem, doesn’t seem to be doing much at all. Many of us choose to ignore the problem because it hasn’t happened to us, or we believe they chose this, or sometimes, we don’t know how to help. Yet, doing something small like sharing a meal can mean so much to these individuals. But as long as we keep turning our heads the other way, homelessness will always continue to be a problem.

I hope I meet this man again. After posting on social media, I have a lot of friends willing to purchase his pieces and could be a great way to share his story.

Season’s Best Craft Fair

The Season’s Best Craft Fair kicked off this weekend at the Blaisdell Center in Honolulu. There were nearly 350 different booths to buy from!

Here is what I purchased!

Top two left photos: crystal and sea glass bracelets from Blue Hair Mermaid. 3 items for $20!

Top two right photos: Aloha Bakehouse! I got the Pipeline Hero! It reminded me of the soft-pretzels at the mall, but with so much more flavor! It had cheese, pepperoni, ham and a buttery glaze.

Center: Hula Hula Mamaki tea. A traditional Hawaiian tea that is fairly sweet and not too strong. And contains many medicinal benefits. The other teas such as hibiscus and mango cost only $12 a pouch. This however cost $25! I assume it’s because Mamaki leaves are harder to find.

Bottom Left: Milk Chocolate Strawberry kochi and Kula Strawberry Guava jam. Both from Made in Hawaii Foods. The jam is DELICIOUS and just in time since I ran out of jam at home! The mochi was also pretty good.

Bottom Right: Banana bread from Sweet Aloha HI was not bad. Very different from what my grandma makes, but it was alright. And lastly the Tsum Tsum pieces were SO CUTE! I love Scrump (Lilo’s doll).


Highway Inn

Across the street from where I go to school, lies a strip of businesses and restaurants. One in particular is Highway Inn. They create Hawaiian and local favorites with fresh local ingredients!

During my visit, I tried the mini Loco Moco, which is a hamburger patty on a bed of rice, topped with an egg cooked the way you like, and covered in brown gravy. Man was it delicious!!


Check out their website: Highway Inn for information on menus, locations, and more!


Makers & Tasters: Eat the Street, Oktoberfest

I’ve heard great things about “Eat the Street”; a gathering of numerous food trucks and vendors selling their goods. We decided to check out the Oktoberfest edition. I have heard so much about Oktoberfest while I attended college in the mainland, but never had the chance to attend one.

I was honestly disappointed, but completely understood. I am unsure of the population of Germans in Hawai’i, but I know it’s fairly small, even though we have numerous military bases. There were very few people dressed up in costume, and very few vendors with German themed food. The food being sold was also quite pricey. I ordered a chicken quesadilla (one slice is pictured below) and it was $10 for FOUR slices! A plate of kalua pork, rice, and macaroni salad was a whopping $17!

I must admit though, there was a lot of different choices. Candied bacon, brisket, lemonade, baked goods, milk/bubble tea, new orleans cuisine, thai food, just to name a few.

My FAVORITE booth hands down was the Aloha Aina Poi Company from Waimea, Hawai’i.  We tried their super delicious beer seared smoked meat & poi bowl (only $7) and their kulolo lumpia, which was probably around $8 or $9. The food was SO good and there was so much heart and good energy put into it.


Front Street, Lahaina (MAUI)

Just a quick glimpse of the ocean view from Front Street in Lahaina. Front street is a central location for numerous surf shops, small boutiques, galleries, and restaurants. There are other shopping areas just off of this street such as the Outlets of Maui, the Old Lahaina Center, Lahaina Cannery Mall, Lahaina Center, and Lahaina Gateway.


Island Eats: Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice (Maui)

Shave ice is hands down Hawai’i’s favorite cold treat. It’s affordable, delicious with countless flavors and additions, and conveniently located.

My favorite shave ice shop is Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice. Their ices is as soft as snow, and their flavoring syrups are created by their company, using pure can sugar, purees and natural fruit juices. Which makes their flavors taste so genuine to its description. For example, their coconut tastes exactly like coconut! They also use Roselani ice cream for orders that include ice cream, in addition to mochi from Maui Specialty Chocolates! You can also top your treat with azuki beans or a “snow cap” (condensed milk). They have also received awards through Yelp!

Ululani’s has many locations on Maui, to find the nearest one, simply locate them on Google!

Be sure to check out their website for more information at: Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice!


Here is my latest order: “Coconut Lovers”! The flavors are: Pina colada, Haupia, and Tiger’s Blood. (I also had a scoop of haupia ice cream at the bottom)!

Happy eating!