What is a weekend?!

2017 has been FLYING by! I cannot believe that January is nearly over! School started on the 9th, and I’ll be having my first quiz in just a few days! With all that being said, I constantly ask myself where is the time going?!

As a very busy graduate student, I spend 5 days at the school/clinic. 4 of these days, I am typically there from 7 am to 7 pm (mostly due to transportation issues). But nonetheless, I am hard at work. Yet, as productive as I may be, I still feel like there is more to do. Spending my time at school is good in that I can remain focused on my work, however it still gets boring very quickly. When I get home, it’s late, and all I want to do is eat, shower, finish my treatment notes, and sleep. Which means I push everything else to the weekend.

The weekends is where the rest of my life happens. It’s when I try to catch up on sleep, spend time with my cat, as well as prepare for the next week, go grocery shopping, and attempt to finish all other chores. During the weekends, I struggle to find any sort of motivation to even get out of bed! I then become easily distracted and make every excuse to get off task.

My apartment is a current reflection of my life, and that both embarrasses and startles me.  It looks like a tornado blew through my apartment. I try to keep up as best as I can, but not to make excuses for myself, it’s difficult to maintain. Living near a freeway is the WORST. Soot from cars blow in through the A/C I assume since I keep my windows closed. How do I know? I could Swiffer my floor every hour, and the cloth will always be black. Lint from who knows where blows through my air vent and ends up in my bath tub, thus clogging the drain. And I swear the loads of laundry and dishes to be washed are endless!

I constantly wish for more time during the day, but if I had more time, I’m not even sure if anything would change! Maybe I’d still be just as tired. Or maybe, I am terrible at planning out my day. We shall see what changes I can make this next month.


Are you Down To NSSLHA?

Where has the week gone?! Being so consumed with school, clinic, and work, the weeks seem to be flying by quicker than usual!

Let me start with a preface. What is NSSLHA? In a nutshell, NSSLHA stands for the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association. It is an organization for students like myself, aspiring to become speech therapists or audiologists. It allows us to get to know our field, ASHA (our parent organization), local professionals, as well as our legislature! Most schools with a speech path program, also have NSSLHA chapters.

Elections for my NSSLHA chapter took place last Thursday. I had taken interest in becoming President, but didn’t think I’d get any votes. I also decided to apply to the Student State Officer position through national NSSLHA. On that Thursday, I was elected President and received notice that I was appointed the state officer position. What a day!

I am thrilled to represent my chapter, and work for my chapter at the same time. I hope to be more effective in that way. My goal is to connect with as many professionals as possible to create a stronger network for my members and my chapter. I also aspire to participate in more community events, and legislation.



The change is now!





Aloha all!

I greatly apologize for back posting (posting from previous events) and not keeping up with the blog very well.

As I mentioned in the “about” section, I am a graduate student studying speech language pathology. As a full-time student, and now a clinician for four clients, my life has been pretty hectic. On top of school, I am also a chairman for the Maui Fair Livestock and Poultry Exhibit which was held on October 6-9. Midterms were also during that week, which began with an event I volunteered at. Oh, and I also started working at my school’s clinic!

Once October rolled in, I noticed that the pace started to pick up quite a bit. I am kept so busy that I feel I barely have time to breathe, relax, or sleep! The term is halfway over, however, I fear for what the next few terms have in store.

Sources for Therapy Ideas

As a current grad student studying speech therapy, I have begun to compile helpful links/resources to gather therapy and speech related inspiration. These are some of the links I have been using and find most helpful.

  • ASHA -Our founding organization. ASHA has everything we need for our field. From what school to go to, what our field is, and TONS of resources, ASHA is pretty good. The one thing though, it does not provide much material wise for therapy. However, you can find lots of research articles (if you are a member), to apply towards therapy.  Gotta love that EBP!
  • Pinterest- Who doesn’t love Pinterest?! As they call themselves “the world’s catalog of ideas” you can believe they have everything. Recipes, organization tools, fashion, and home of the DIY. I have found a PLETHORA of materials and ideas while browsing. I have also began following many SLPs also! Feel free to check out my board “The Great Big Board of Speech Therapy” here!
  • Teachers Pay Teachers– A phenomenal site that allows teachers and therapists to buy directly from each other. They have inexpensive materials/ideas, and a bunch of freebies. They also cover other subjects such as science and math!
  • Speechy Musings– is an SLP whom I recently began following after seeing some of her materials on Pinterest and TPT. She runs a fantastic blog, in addition to selling products.
  • This Reading Mama– is a teacher with a Masters degree in Education. Her site primarily focuses on reading, phonics, spelling, and comprehension. She also has phenomenal freebies just by subscribing to her site!


I hope you find these helpful, and I’ll be sure to ad to the list when I can!