A Gift

In the Origins portion of this blog, I wrote about my blessing of a cat, Beavis. He was and always will be an important member of my family.

As I previously described, losing Beavis was painful for my family and I. Nearly one year went by, and I finally decided to adopt a cat, Callie. In the beginning of December, my parents received a picture in a text with a very young and tiny grey kitten. My mother cried immediately, as she was reminded of Beavis. A few days later, the little bundle of joy came home. We named him Makana, which mean “gift” in Hawaiian.

Makana was found in a pile of bamboo on the side of the road in Kula. He was alone, with no sight of his mother or litter mates. The woman who found him canvased the neighborhood, asking if the cat belonged to anyone. He was very mellow and willing to be carried. Makana was taken into his founder’s home, given a eucalyptus and castile soap bath and fresh goat’s milk.

A few days later, Callie and I returned home from school. Initially, and as expected, Callie did not appreciate the new cat in the house. Over time, and with daily affirmations, Callie began to bond with Makana. In the morning, Callie now rushes to Makana’s “nursery” and wants for him to finish eating so they can play. Throughout the house you can hear them tumbling around and jumping off of my bead. They share their toys, bed, and food with each other. I am so glad that Callie has finally accepted Makana as part of the family, especially since the humane society said she does not like other cats. This experience has allowed both of them to grow.

Our hearts are so full and blessed.

Callie, Gabbie, Makana


Daily Affirmations

Before returning home for the Holidays, my parents adopted a 6 week old kitten that had been found alongside the road. I was nervous of this because at the humane society, I was told that Callie MUST be the only cat in the house because she does NOT like other cats. At the same time, I had hope. I heard of stories of dogs who were said to be vicious and would attack other dogs, but did phenomenally well in a home with other dogs. Plus, I knew Callie. She is very kind, sweet and loving, with the right amount of protective.

Initially, she was not interested in the new kitten, and was understandably upset. We decided to take the introduction very slow for everyone’s comfort and safety. Eventually, with the help of my boyfriend and mutual party to the cats, Callie came around and is having so much fun with the kitten.

In addition to taking things slow, I spontaneously began stating affirmations to Callie every night before bed. I always say “Good night, Callie. Sweet dreams. I love you!” But in addition to that, I tell her how much I love and appreciate her. I tell her how beautiful she is, and even go through memories I have with her. And of course, I give her LOTS of kisses. I can tell she loves these affirmations, and she ends up having a solid night’s sleep! I definitely hope to continue this new tradition for as long as I can remember.



With love,

Callie & Gabbie

Callie’s Faves: Dishware


My mom picked me up the Bowlmates round base in mint, and a supplementary glass bowl to hold my food. This bow is pretty cool because it keeps my bowl in place, even while I run and crash into my bowls! They are also super easy for my mom to clean and wash.

My mom also decided to get me a silicone place mat to put my dishes on because my water dish (a ceramic ramekin) does not have a rubber bottom like my bowlmates, so I end up dumbing my water when I want water play. The mat keeps the floor clean (which mom loves) and keeps the water from damaging the floor.

Be sure to check out links to the items below!





Bowlmates base -PetCo




Callie’s Faves: Litter

Kitty litter is ESSENTIAL when owning a cat. The litter system we prefer is the Tidy Breeze Litter System (pictured right), in addition to the Litter Genie (left).

The Tidy litter system is fabulous as it comes with a box, scoop, a 4 pack of pads, and a bag of litter pellets. I purchased my initial set for $50 from PetCo when I first adopted Callie. The urine pads last a month (one pad per week), and the pellets also last a month, depending on usage. If the pellets are really dirty, I will typically change the pellets out sooner.

The Genie is a wonderful and easy way to dispose litter. Litter can get VERY smelly. Even if placed in an additional bag before being placed in the trash, odor can seep out. The genie locks the smell and litter into the bottom storage of the container. Litter enters the top, and a lever can be pulled to send the litter into the bottom of the container. The replacement bags are also fairly inexpensive and last roughly 6 weeks. Disposal and replacement of the bags is also painless.


Links to purchase items

Tidy Cats BREEZE Pellet Refill : Walmart

Tidy Breeze Refill: PetCo


Hope this helps!

Callie & Gabbie

Callie the builder

Today I helped my mom and dad build a small shelf! It looked so fun and interesting that I HAD to be a part of it. I helped open the box and pull the pieces out, then we started with the base and worked our way up. My dad accidentally put the shelf on the wrong way at first, so we took it apart and started all over. But that’s okay, I didn’t mind. Once it was finished, my mom started to place the bins on the shelf. She has SO much stuff! My favorite part was sitting in the bin and playing with mom’s things.

If you need help building anything, I’m your gal! 🙂


Love, Callie