Eyes Sealed Shut

It’s so easy going around living with your eyes sealed shut.

To live completely unaware of the world around you.

Oblivious to those who surround you.

You’d never know what people have been through.

That the inside of their mind is a fukin zoo.

Chaos. Pain & suffering.

Combustion of feelings.

Erupting through the soul and out of their eyes.

But even though you say you’re by their side

You have no clue

Because you keep your eyes glued.

To you

The world revolves around you.

The one person who

Seems to have the worst in life and

Battling the greatest demons and

Will never be able to empathize, man

Because they go around living with their eyes sealed shut.


See the beauty of the struggle.

The fall, the rise.

The disappointment and surprises.

That what you think you know

Is not so

and that no one is ever truly alone.

Because the struggle inside us

Could be the saving grace in someone else.

That what has been the worst for you

Was their greatest achievement to conquer

Or the epitome in the depths of hell.

That your worst is not the worst

But is becoming the best and

You wouldn’t have known

If you kept your eyes sealed shut.


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