Sounds of Home

I lay in bed with my eyes closed. Today, the wind is still. Our pigeons coo a beautiful song. Roosters are crowing throughout the neighborhood. Birds chirp in trees nearby. Listening closely, you can hear the faint purr of the few cars making their way down the avenue a few blocks away.

At the beaches, the waves crash onto the shore. As the water recedes over the rocks, you can imagine the sound of lightning crackling across the sky. The palm trees blow as the sand dances along the beach.

The sounds are peaceful and serene. So clean and clear as if played from a CD.

Elsewhere, in the city, my eyes are open. Cars rush by continuously at all hours of the day. Sounds of jack hammers, leaf blowers, heavy machinery on the ground can be heard from even the highest buildings. People chatting, dogs barking, children screaming. My air condition muffles the noise. The rain slowly patters on the window and rooftop. A brief moment of calmness. I sigh in the quiet. Home.


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