Lovely Lips

*Preface: I am not a beauty blogger nor makeup artist, and an absolute amateur at posting anything regarding makeup. I do love lip color and have been obsessed with trying out different shades. Lately, I’ve been searching for plumbs and brown hues. The brands I tend to use are NYX and Revlon. They have a large variety of shades and feel great on my lips. I used to use Cover Girl, but they made my lips very dry and chapped.

Here are the recent products I purchased and my thoughts on them. 🙂

infatuation Infatuation-Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor:

This is my favorite plumb shade yet. It goes on very smooth and is quite soft to the touch. For a matte, it still has a nice color and isn’t too dull. Also, the tube is pretty cool!

butterButter-NYX Matte Lipstick:

This lipstick is also very soft and smooth. I love the subtleness to the color. As a nude, it makes my lips look clean and fresh.

NYX Lingerie- Teddy & Beauty Mark:

These two shades are my first lip colors with brown hues. I absolutely LOVE the way they look on me. Just a few strokes give so much color. One thing I noticed is that it is sticky to the touch and makes it difficult to smack my lips. Maybe it’s my application, but some strokes leave thick blotches on my lips. They also stay on my lips for a VERY long time, which is great!

stockholmStockholm-NYX soft matte lip cream:

This is my second product of this line. Copenhagen (the first shade I purchased) is what drew me to this brand. A friend rocked this shade and I just HAD to try it myself. Obviously, I love it! 🙂


Thanks for reading!



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