Oreo “Cheat-cake”Bites

Let’s be honest really quick. We don’t always have our pantries stocked with baking ingredients (I know I don’t), and sometimes, we get  REALLY hungry and start to crave something, or you have a family gathering and need to put something together really quick. Also, Target didn’t have half the ingredients I needed to make a complete oreo cheesecake cupcake. Thankfully, I had a no-bake recipe saved to my Pinterest! It is SO easy and literally requires only 3 ingredients!

Click here for the recipe! For the Chocolate Oreo Mousse Cheesecake I used in a previous post, click here.

My only comment regarding the no-bake recipe is that refrigerating the cheesecakes for a few hours before serving works just as good, and taste amazing!!


Happy Baking!

Callie & Gabbie




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