Daily Affirmations

Before returning home for the Holidays, my parents adopted a 6 week old kitten that had been found alongside the road. I was nervous of this because at the humane society, I was told that Callie MUST be the only cat in the house because she does NOT like other cats. At the same time, I had hope. I heard of stories of dogs who were said to be vicious and would attack other dogs, but did phenomenally well in a home with other dogs. Plus, I knew Callie. She is very kind, sweet and loving, with the right amount of protective.

Initially, she was not interested in the new kitten, and was understandably upset. We decided to take the introduction very slow for everyone’s comfort and safety. Eventually, with the help of my boyfriend and mutual party to the cats, Callie came around and is having so much fun with the kitten.

In addition to taking things slow, I spontaneously began stating affirmations to Callie every night before bed. I always say “Good night, Callie. Sweet dreams. I love you!” But in addition to that, I tell her how much I love and appreciate her. I tell her how beautiful she is, and even go through memories I have with her. And of course, I give her LOTS of kisses. I can tell she loves these affirmations, and she ends up having a solid night’s sleep! I definitely hope to continue this new tradition for as long as I can remember.



With love,

Callie & Gabbie


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