Are you Down To NSSLHA?

Where has the week gone?! Being so consumed with school, clinic, and work, the weeks seem to be flying by quicker than usual!

Let me start with a preface. What is NSSLHA? In a nutshell, NSSLHA stands for the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association. It is an organization for students like myself, aspiring to become speech therapists or audiologists. It allows us to get to know our field, ASHA (our parent organization), local professionals, as well as our legislature! Most schools with a speech path program, also have NSSLHA chapters.

Elections for my NSSLHA chapter took place last Thursday. I had taken interest in becoming President, but didn’t think I’d get any votes. I also decided to apply to the Student State Officer position through national NSSLHA. On that Thursday, I was elected President and received notice that I was appointed the state officer position. What a day!

I am thrilled to represent my chapter, and work for my chapter at the same time. I hope to be more effective in that way. My goal is to connect with as many professionals as possible to create a stronger network for my members and my chapter. I also aspire to participate in more community events, and legislation.



The change is now!





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