Season’s Best Craft Fair

The Season’s Best Craft Fair kicked off this weekend at the Blaisdell Center in Honolulu. There were nearly 350 different booths to buy from!

Here is what I purchased!

Top two left photos: crystal and sea glass bracelets from Blue Hair Mermaid. 3 items for $20!

Top two right photos: Aloha Bakehouse! I got the Pipeline Hero! It reminded me of the soft-pretzels at the mall, but with so much more flavor! It had cheese, pepperoni, ham and a buttery glaze.

Center: Hula Hula Mamaki tea. A traditional Hawaiian tea that is fairly sweet and not too strong. And contains many medicinal benefits. The other teas such as hibiscus and mango cost only $12 a pouch. This however cost $25! I assume it’s because Mamaki leaves are harder to find.

Bottom Left: Milk Chocolate Strawberry kochi and Kula Strawberry Guava jam. Both from Made in Hawaii Foods. The jam is DELICIOUS and just in time since I ran out of jam at home! The mochi was also pretty good.

Bottom Right: Banana bread from Sweet Aloha HI was not bad. Very different from what my grandma makes, but it was alright. And lastly the Tsum Tsum pieces were SO CUTE! I love Scrump (Lilo’s doll).



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