Govinda’s Fresh Juices

Boy do I LOVE an iced cold glass of lemonade. I prefer them to be tart instead of sweet to really bring out the lemon taste. It’s hard to find a good tart lemonade when most large-scale companies love to add in sugar products. However, the Lemon Honey flavor From Govinda’s Fresh Juices meets my standards to the T!

The juices are made in Hawai’i, and uses only filtered water, lemon, and honey. They also created a perfect balance between the honey and lemon to where it’s not too sweet or watered down! This brand can easily be found in most grocers throughout the islands including Foodland and Safeway. They are a little pricey ($3.99) for a bottle of this size at Safeway. I haven’t noticed the prices at other locations since Safeway is closest to my home.

Another favorite flavor of mine made by this brand is the Ginger Rush. Obviously with ginger. I’m typically not a fan of ginger because of the punch it carries, but the Govinda ginger juice is actually pleasing to the tastebuds and throat. After returning from Maui a few weeks ago, I suffered pretty bad asthma and allergies. I immediately picked up a few bottles of Govinda’s Ginger Rush for my throat, and it helped a lot.


Go check them out!! 🙂




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