Starbucks Treats

Whether it be friends, strangers, or even Starbucks employees, I am frequently told of how good my drinks look and how good they taste. Some may say it’s froofy or too intense, but what can I say?! I LOVE good coffee!

I can remember my first Starbucks beverage. I was in 7th grade, and my mom allowed me to get a tall Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino because it didn’t have any caffeine! It was love at first sip. However, it wasn’t my go-to drink. Growing up, I always chose water as my drink of choice. Juice was on occasion, and I thought soda was horrible. As I got older, I’d drink coffee here and there, which was VERY rare. When I went to college however, that changed. During my freshman year in college, I started drinking coffee on occasion since I started class fairly early in the morning. Sophomore year, that increased, and even more so during my junior year. By my senior year, I drank a 16 oz every day of class. Thankfully, during the fall, that was only on tuesdays and thursdays. During the spring, unfortunately, it was about every single day. So needless to say, I got to know coffee fairly well and gained confidence in ordering.

My typical go-to coffee was an iced caramel macchiato or iced caramel latte. Note: The only difference between the two is that lattes contain more milk! And mocha basically just indicates that it has chocolate in it. I would order this because it was flavorful, and a fairly standard drink.

The enhanced frappuccino as I call it was announced this summer at Starbucks. You can now request an affogato (espresso shot) to be poured on any frappuccino. My absolute favorite (and pictured below) is the vanilla bean creme, with caramel walls, and an affogato shot. Traditionally, the affogato is served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or gelato, topped with a shot of hot espresso. Personally, it tastes amazing! Like an ice cream bar actually. The kind with vanilla ice cream, caramel center, and chocolate shell. I have also tried this style with their fall flavor, salted caramel mocha. Also a good one.


So my tip is to go confidently in the direction of your coffee. Don’t be afraid to try something new, or ask a barista for their fave!!!



Oh! I also love their black tea lemonade, and most of their teavana teas in general!




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