I believe that we are all born with a purpose to fulfill. Whether it be to help others, inspire others, find a cure, establish world peace, or create something. For some of us, it takes our entire lifetime to realize and understand what our purpose was. For others, it’s realized a lot sooner. And some, may never know or had the opportunity to know what their purpose was, or is realized posthumously.

I personally have not yet discovered my purpose of being here. Maybe to help others? To be a lesson to someone? Whatever it may be, I am interested in finding out.

As much as for myself, I wonder about Callie. I constantly have this feeling that she and I were made for each other, or to at least be a part of each other’s lives. As the felines before her who were in my life, she has quickly proved to be something amazing.

I have been experiencing frequent nightmares over the past year. Thankfully, they are less frequent and scary. But when they do come around, Callie always seems to know. She climbs up on my chest and lays down, allowing me to pet and hold her until I fall back asleep. When I am upset, she runs to me meowing loudly, asking for attention to divert me from the situation. Without her, I’d be a wreck. She saved me.

She has been an absolute blessing to me. I cannot wait to see what is in store for us.


Love Callie & Gabbie



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