Makers & Tasters: Eat the Street, Oktoberfest

I’ve heard great things about “Eat the Street”; a gathering of numerous food trucks and vendors selling their goods. We decided to check out the Oktoberfest edition. I have heard so much about Oktoberfest while I attended college in the mainland, but never had the chance to attend one.

I was honestly disappointed, but completely understood. I am unsure of the population of Germans in Hawai’i, but I know it’s fairly small, even though we have numerous military bases. There were very few people dressed up in costume, and very few vendors with German themed food. The food being sold was also quite pricey. I ordered a chicken quesadilla (one slice is pictured below) and it was $10 for FOUR slices! A plate of kalua pork, rice, and macaroni salad was a whopping $17!

I must admit though, there was a lot of different choices. Candied bacon, brisket, lemonade, baked goods, milk/bubble tea, new orleans cuisine, thai food, just to name a few.

My FAVORITE booth hands down was the Aloha Aina Poi Company from Waimea, Hawai’i.  We tried their super delicious beer seared smoked meat & poi bowl (only $7) and their kulolo lumpia, which was probably around $8 or $9. The food was SO good and there was so much heart and good energy put into it.



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