Callie’s Faves: Litter

Kitty litter is ESSENTIAL when owning a cat. The litter system we prefer is the Tidy Breeze Litter System (pictured right), in addition to the Litter Genie (left).

The Tidy litter system is fabulous as it comes with a box, scoop, a 4 pack of pads, and a bag of litter pellets. I purchased my initial set for $50 from PetCo when I first adopted Callie. The urine pads last a month (one pad per week), and the pellets also last a month, depending on usage. If the pellets are really dirty, I will typically change the pellets out sooner.

The Genie is a wonderful and easy way to dispose litter. Litter can get VERY smelly. Even if placed in an additional bag before being placed in the trash, odor can seep out. The genie locks the smell and litter into the bottom storage of the container. Litter enters the top, and a lever can be pulled to send the litter into the bottom of the container. The replacement bags are also fairly inexpensive and last roughly 6 weeks. Disposal and replacement of the bags is also painless.


Links to purchase items

Tidy Cats BREEZE Pellet Refill : Walmart

Tidy Breeze Refill: PetCo


Hope this helps!

Callie & Gabbie


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